Adam Galpin

have a background in Cognitive and Media Psychology, particularly eye-tracking and visual perception. I have applied eye-tracking to areas including prosthesis use, visual search, change blindness and cognitive styles. Over the past decade I have also been involved in application of eye-tracking to technology usability, and through this work, have developed a broader interest in user experience research. Projects include researching psychological aspects of technology use (for instance, experience and use of social media when living with breast cancer), participatory design (e.g. with mammographers and breast-screening service users) and usability evaluation (e.g. children’s web content). I have worked on several projects with colleagues in the prosthetics group evaluating the experience and use of upper-limb prostheses, using eye-tracking, virtual reality and qualitative methods. A further strand of research concerns children’s use of media and technology. I am co-supervising a PhD student using cross-generational participatory design methods. I work frequently with organisations within the digital and creative industries providing Psychological consultancy. I am currently working with the BBC on a funded project looking at neurodiversity and creativity.  

Postgraduate Research Supervision Interests

I am interested in supervising students who are interested in psychological aspects of prosthesis use; design approaches to technology and innovation; co-creation of the curriculum 

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Eye-tracking, Prosthetics, Media Use, Design Research, Creativity