Attending the ORPHEUS Conference Izmir Turkey 2011

By Oct.18, 2011

In April 2011 I attended The ORPHEUS Conference in Izmir Turkey. The Conference was about setting European Standards in PhD Education in the Biomedical Sciences. Alot of work took place before the Conference in preparing a discussion paper, this involved Skype sessions and a lot of late night email exchanges with members of my international group. All were fantastic and we worked well together to deliver a paper by the deadline.

At the Conference I chaired a workshop to discuss the paper. The discussion  went very well despite my  anxiety beforehand about managing a group of  30 international participants, I was just pleased and very grateful to all,  that everyone could communicate at such a technically high level in English. Content was revised and updated and agreed; my next task was to present the paper to the Conference in the morning. The presentation went well and the paper was incorporated into the ORPHEUS document on Standards in PhD Education 2011.

I have  kept in touch with many of the participants, some I class as friends, some as colleagues. Salih Angin, one of the key members of my group who was so supportive throughout the entire process, has, I found out later, a shared interest in foot and ankle biomechanics. Since May we have been developing a research proposal that uses ultrasound to explore  the intrinsic muscles of the foot . Looking forward to the next discussion on ultrasonography of the foot.

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