PhD Opportunities

We welcome applications from prospective PhD students on topics related to our expertise, including: 

  • Microfinance (e.g. impact, governance, risk management, sustainability) 
  • Financial exclusion (e.g. use and access financial services, determinants, impact) 
  • Financial education (e.g. policy, discourse, impact) 
  • Access to finance for small business (e.g. barriers, impact)  
  • Fintech (e.g. discourse, impact on exclusion/inclusion, use by microfinance institutions) 
  • Credit Unions & Cooperatives (e.g. resilience, outreach, policy)

We have a track record of successful supervision:

  • Mohammad Khan (PhD Economics) started January 2022. [Ongoing]
  • Gisela Mann (PhD International Politics & Sociology) started July 2016. Finding Ontological Security in a World of Precarity: A Sociological Study of the Use of High Cost Credit by People on Low Incomes. Successful viva (minor corrections) and final submission in 2020

  • Victoria Danaan (PhD International Development) started April 2015. Risk management in microfinance : identities, perceptions, behaviours and interests of microfinance stakeholders in Plateau State, Nigeria. Submitted in December 2018 successful viva (minor corrections) and final submission in April 2019
  • Juliette Wilson (PhD sociology) started in September 2012. ‘Time Eases all Things’: A Critical Study of How Time Banks Attempt to use Time-Based Currency to Alleviate Social Exclusion. Submitted in September 2015, successful viva (minor corrections) and final submission in October 2015.
  • Robert Jeffery (PhD Sociology) started September 2007. Mobility and Inequality in a Transitional Inner-City Neighbourhood. Successful viva (minor corrections) and final submission in July 2011

If you have an idea or draft proposal for a PhD, please contact Dr Pål Vik to discuss ( or +44 (0)161 295 2841).