The Team

Co Leads:

Dr Mike Hardman is Senior Lecturer in Urban Geography and co-founder of CUF. His research focuses on a typology of urban agricultural activity, from informal approaches to upscaled urban farming. Full bio here:

Dr Michelle Howarth is Senior Lecturer in Nursing and co-founder of CUF. Her research focuses on nature-based therapy, particularly social prescribing. She is also the co-director of the Salford Social Prescribing Hub and is a national lead on Social Prescribing. Full bio here:

Key Members:

Prof Penny Cook is Professor of Public Health at the University of Salford. Her research spans a range of topics, but in terms of CUF her interest lie in the interaction between nature and health, predominantly using quantitative epidemiological methods. Full bio here:

Dr Graeme Sherriff is a Research Fellow and has been active within the hub since 2015. Graeme’s research focuses on the intersection of environmental sustainability and social justice. He has previously led studies exploring the impact of community gardening and upscaled urban agriculture in the UK. Full bio here:

Dr Andrea Gibbons is an urban geography researcher and has been active with the hub since its creation. She is particularly interested in the co-constitutive relationships between people and the cities in which they live. Andrea led the development of an urban farming project in Salford as part of the hub, helping to enable the practice on the ground. Full bio here:

Dr Richard Armitage is Senior Lecturer in GIS, Head of Geography at Salford and Chair of the UK’s Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society. His research focuses on using GIS to explore the potential to upscale urban agriculture in cities. He has led a range of projects on the topic. Full bio here:

Andrew Clark is Lecturer in Environmental Assessment and Management at Salford. He has led the soils element of the CUF work, providing valuable services to countless community gardens, allotments and urban farms through using XRF and ICP-OES. Andrew has been heavily involved in enabling Northern Roots and multiple other projects. Full bio here:

Matryn Wilcock is a researcher within the Salford Business School. He has worked on a wide range of sustainability projects, enabling their development and business cases. Martyn has been instrumental on CUF’s work on Northern Roots, providing business advice and helping with the economics of urban agriculture. Full bio here:

Lawrence Houston is a researcher at Salford with a public health background. Lawrence has worked on a wide range of urban agricultural projects, from enabling new food policy in Manchester, to evaluating the impact of schemes on the ground. More info here:

Adelina Court is Lecturer in Art and Design at Salford. She has been instrumental within CUF in designing new urban agricultural spaces, including Incredible Education’s new urban farm in the city. Adelina brings expertise on urban design and architecture to our projects. Full bio here:

Key Advisers:

Chris Blythe – is Director of Social Farms & Gardens. He has been heavily involved in a large variety of CUF projects. His organisation, a merger of the Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens and Care Farming UK, held their launch with CUF in 2018. More info:

Joe Nasr – is a founder of the Toronto Food Policy Council and leading international academic in the field of urban agriculture. He is the editor of Springer’s urban agriculture series and co-founder of Carrot City, the research collective exploring how to design for urban agriculture. More info:

Jemma Hynes is CEO of Food Sync and a leading food thinker. Her role involves her delivering food, business, nutrition, health, sustainability and economic based projects in and with the public, private and third sector. She is passionate about the urban agriculture movement and led one of the first sustainable food cities in the UK. Jemma has worked with CUF since its inception, on a wide range of projects, from upscaling urban agriculture to high-tech food growing and beyond. More info:

Current CUF PhD students include:

Louise Mitchell – health impacts of care and urban farming

Jess Thompson – health impacts of growing space

Tayo Ajesope – urban agriculture in Africa (soil issues and upscaling)

Candace James – growing to tackle flooding

Anne Calderbank – GIS modelling of potential in city regions

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