The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)

By Apr.12, 2017

Update from Neil Withnell, Associate Dean Academic Enhancement, SFHEA

Results from the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) submission from the University will be known by the end of May.
The TEF is “rated” according to the aspects of quality below

Aspects of Quality  Teaching Quality  Learning Environment Student Outcomes &    LearningGain
Dataset evidence  Teaching, assessment & feedback (NSS)  Academic support (NSS) & non-continuation (HESA)  Employment / further study, including highly skilled (DLHE)


As can be seen by the table the emphasis is on three key areas – NSS, DLHE and non-continuation (retention). With this in mind we need to focus our attention into these key areas and we have negotiated working with the Higher Education Academy to start to address employability and retention. A small number of colleagues from within the School will be able to attend bespoke workshops that run at the end of May. It is anticipated that actions from these workshops will be deployed across the School.

As a School we need to continue the great work that is already in place, and look at areas that we could improve on.

Suggestions for improvements include:

  • NSS – feedback to be clear and to enable feed forward, assessments that are fit for purpose,
  • DLHE – internships, job-shop, engagement with students to ascertain their destination on leaving,
  • Retention – coaching for personal tutoring, early retrieval, enhanced induction, keeping warm activities, wellbeing support.

Whilst this list is not exhaustive a good learning experience, quality feedback, opportunities for employability and support to remain on the programme are areas that we all have an influence.


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