Day 5 – Creating BYOD4L

By Jan.20, 2017

Well it’s the end of the #BYOD4L week and what a frenzied, inspiring week it has been. The course has challenged my thinking, expanded my network of colleagues and forced me to get back into the habit of blogging. So it was definitely worth it! If you haven’t had time to join in, don’t worry because the course materials and the Google+ community are open all year. Today’s theme is creating so read on to explore learning through ‘making’ using smart devices.


“There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns” Edward de Bono

I don’t think I could add anything to this statement, nuff said!


Here are three ways you can facilitate creating using digital applications:

  1. This teacher designed an assignment where students sought and shared images around their studies using Instagram and commented on each others posts.
  2. Lee Dunn (@leeandrewdunn) has a creative module where groups of students produce outputs to demonstrate their social learning around the question ‘What is the point of education?’. Outputs have included narrated presentations, animations and streaming media. More information can be found here.
  3. Mentimeter is a great tool for quizzes and feedback. You could collate the thoughts of a cohort around a specific topic e.g. leadership, racism, professionalism via a word cloud which can be a powerful visual to debrief. You could then return to their word cloud at a later date in the course to see if they have shifted their thinking. Here’s an example where we asked people to add three words to describe their experience of the BYOD4L course. You can still add your thoughts to this BYOD4L word cloud here and see the live results here.



So what are you going to do next? Why not try joining in some of the weekly #LTHEchat or a Teaching & Learning Conversation webinar as your next step? They are friendly and developmental communities so please just jump in.

My action plan after this week is to continue blogging, although it will be more like every fortnight rather than every day! If you want to contribute a blog post to this site, just get in touch, the more the merrier! Don’t forget we hold a weekly drop-in if you want to chat through any teaching & learning ideas or need support. We also have coaching and mentoring schemes available for your development as a teacher.B

Thanks BYOD4L, see you next year!

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