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By Jan.17, 2017

Missed yesterday’s post about connecting? Check it out here

Today’s theme is all about communicating with your colleagues and students to create an active and engaging learning experience. Again I will use the golden circle to explore the topic with you…


Excellent communication is at the core of every successful learning environment. As well as the golden circle, I love the Made to Stick communication model by Chip and Dan Heath who said

“A sticky idea is understood, it’s remembered, and it changes something”

They have some great free resources on the website by the way including a ‘Teaching that sticks’ resource so check it out. Communicating with our colleagues and students means creating sticky conversations, sparking ideas and generating interest in a subject.


In addition to the ways we explored connecting yesterday, here are three examples of highly effective communication in teaching:

  1. Flipping the Higher Ed Humanities Classroom: Teaching Critical Thinking at Cal Poly Pomona
  2. Using photography to explore the concept of hidden crime
  3. Using Social Media to Teach Theory to Undergraduate Students



Comfort-stretch-panic model (Karl Ronke)

We are expecting our students to learn new things throughout their studies. I firmly believe that we should not expect our students to go anywhere we are not willing to go ourselves. We learn and perform best when we are stretching ourselves (see the comfort-stretch-panic model from Karl Ronke). So challenge yourself and try something new in your next session. Experiment with something that is outside your comfort zone and be excited by communicating in a new way. 

What tools are you using to communicate at the moment? What new ways are you going to try? Share them in the comments below, via #BYOD4L on Twitter or via the Google+ community

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