Defra NANR209 ‘Human Response to Vibration in Residential Environments’

The aim of the Defra-funded project NANR209 ‘Human response to vibration in residential environments’ was to develop exposure-response relationships for vibration experienced in residential environments from sources outside of the residents’ control.

This page provides links to the final report.

The NANR209 Final Report consists of the following documents:

•          Executive summary

•          Final project report

•          Technical report 1: Measurement of vibration exposure

•          Technical report 2: Measurement of response

•          Technical report 3: Calculation of vibration exposure

•          Technical report 4: Measurement and calculation of noise exposure

•          Technical report 5: Analysis of the social survey findings

•          Technical report 6: Determination of exposure-response relationships

The project was performed at the University of Salford between January 2008 and March 2011. The final report was published on the Defra website on 6th September 2012.