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Based in the University of Salford, we are an interdisciplinary multi professional team – including Occupational Therapists, Nurses, and Social Workers – working to improve social prescribing policy and practice.

The Salford Social Prescribing Hub is at the vanguard of social prescribing – using collaborative approaches to co-create opportunities with our industry partners that support innovative CPD, student learning experiences and co-produced research.

For the last five years we’ve been working regionally and nationally to raise awareness of the value of social prescribing, making connections between services, and improving health outcomes for people and communities.

Our Services

Our Vision

We are working to make social prescribing an integrated part of the health and social care system, ensuring meaningful outcomes for service users, and connecting services and community groups for the benefit of all.

Our Aims

  • Develop social prescribing policy and practice
  • Help facilitate workforce transformation and support link workers
  • Make Social Prescribing work for everyone, particularly those with complex needs.
  • Improve outcomes for people and communities
  • Connecting the different roles involved in community support (e.g. Link Workers, Occupational Therapists, Mental health workers, etc.)

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