How to apply

After a couple of successful years of projects, the SCELT scholarship scheme will be open again for applications in 2021/22. We will support projects that will make a real impact upon student engagement and success. SCELT scholars become part of a community, working together to develop teaching and learning practice and academic leadership across the University.

The following information will give you a sense of how to prepare if you are considering applying for the scholarship. We will run some introductory workshops – dates to be announced – to help you through the process, so watch this space!

Why apply?

Becoming a scholar of the Salford Learning & Teaching Scholarship Scheme provides opportunities for:

  • Networking with other scholars and project teams through masterclasses and events
  • Educational leadership development through ongoing mentoring and coaching
  • Applying educational improvement methodologies to demonstrate maximum impact
  • Career development in learning and teaching
  • Joining a growing Salford Community for Excellence in L&T

Project and eligibility criteria

The focus for our 2021/2022 scholarship is increasing progression and employability. We are looking for projects on this theme which also address at least one of the following sub-themes / priorities:

  • Enhancing student progression (retention)
  • Employability, path to professional, work readiness 
  • Health, wellbeing and/or resilience  
  • Inclusive curriculum / inclusive learning environment

Projects should:

  • Have a clear rationale in terms of their impact on student success. 
  • Demonstrably benefit both the applicant(s) and the wider University in the development of research-informed and innovative learning and teaching.
  • Have the potential to be embedded into future business as usual practices and sustainable beyond the life of the project/activity itself.
  • You are also encouraged to clearly demonstrate how your project meets the ICZ Curriculum Design Principles.

Applicants should:

  • For the lead applicant: be a current member of University of Salford staff with a active contract of employment.
  • In the case of team projects: nominate a lead applicant to submit the application. Only one application required per project.
  • Consider potential collaboration opportunities within and beyond your school/directorate and including students. We welcome collaborative and cross-disciplinary projects involving diverse project teams.
  • Name all other project team members on the application.
  • Ensure all team members are familiar with the guidance on this page and the ‘Expectations of successful applicants’ below.

Scholarship Timeline

The below will give you an indicative application timeline – dates to be announced soon!

  • Call for applications opens: Autumn 2021
  • Deadline for applications: December 2021
  • Panel decision and feedback: By mid-February 2022