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Creative HE network next meet up is here at Salford!

Monday 9th December, 12-2, feel free to bring lunch…

If you are attending please can you register so we know numbers and contact details –

We are also putting together a special issue journal, details below ..plenty of time for submissions and also a call for reviewers

“Our Creative Self: understanding perceptions of creativity in learning and teaching”

The purpose of this special edition of the PRISM journal is to showcase the unique journeys that have led the contributors to embrace and discover their creative identities, in order to improve the lived experience of higher education for both learner and facilitator. Through a series of reflective accounts, original research articles and position papers, presented in a variety of formats, the special edition will challenge the notion that creativity is a niche practice that belongs only to those who define themselves as ‘creative’. Through exploring your perceptions and experiences of creativity, we hope to provide insights into how creative approaches are developed and disrupt barriers to the creative process.

We encourage you to analyse and reflect on your creative practices, to illustrate your unique path to becoming a congruent educator. Your stories and journeys will equip the reader with the necessary tools to develop congruence between their personal and professional selves, in order to foster critical awareness, curiosity and confidence in themselves and their learners.

You can find the full details of the call here:

Neil Withnell, Associate Dean Academic (Student Experience) is happy to chat about any of this:

SCELT Masterclasses

The SCELT team are pleased to announce a series of one-hour masterclasses open to all university academic and professional staff.

The masterclasses aim to enhance knowledge around research-informed, innovative learning and teaching and academic leadership.

The masterclasses for 2019/20 are:

16th January 2020: Dissemination and outputs beyond initial research-informed project, Professor Peter Hogg. Mary Seacole MS136

11th March 2020: Educational leadership and institutional influence, Robert Ritchie and Dr Jacqueline Leigh. Mary Seacole MS167/168

You can register for the workshops here.