Knowledge Transfer Partnerships


KTP: Hydro-X

Funding detail: ESRC
Duration: 2017-2019
Grant: £38,000
Centre member(s): Alex Fenton, Marie Griffiths, and Aleksej Heinze
Research: To adapt and develop the UK’s leading digital portal for  health and safety training management (HSTM).

Sigma Consulting Solutions Ltd

KTP: Sigma Consulting Solutions Ltd

Funding detail: ESRC
Duration: 2014-2016
Grant: £122,345
Centre member(s): David Kreps, Maria Griffiths and Maria Kutar
Research: To develop research techniques to better identify client needs and  a process and toolkit to identify which tools and techniques, in what order, are best suited to a particular UX client profile and project and enhance the client relationship in terms of UX and speed of delivery and management.

Pennine Telecom

KTP: Pennine Telecoms

Funding detail: KTP (TSB)
Duration: 2013-2015
Grant: £79,721
Centre member(s): Marie Griffiths, Tahir Rashid
Research: To embed a strategy of cross-channel sales and marketing, concentrating on a  seamless approach to the client through all available channels.
Dissemination: Ongoing

Tameside Housing

KTP: Tameside Housing

Funding detail: KTP
Duration: 2012 – 2013
Grant: £60,577
Centre member(s): Marie Griffiths
Research: To bring empty homes back into use through the development of an innovative and sustainable emptyhomes  engagement strategy.

KTP: Dynamic Digital Campaigns Management System

Funding detail: KTP (TSB)
Duration: 2011-2013
Grant: £81,000
Centre member(s): Gordon Fletcher, Aleksej Heinze, Andrew Goudie
Research: Development of a Dynamic Campaigns dashboard logic and its  implementation.
Dissemination: Ongoing

KTP: E-Law System Development and Implementation

Funding detail: KTP (TSB/ESRC)
Duration: 2011 – 2013
Grant: £81,000
Centre member(s): Aleksej Heinze, Gordon Fletcher, Yiannis Polychronakis
Research: Development of E-Law concept and infrastructure.
Dissemination: Ongoing.

Beta Group Ltd

KTP: Beta Group Ltd

Funding detail: KTP
Duration: 2009 – 2011
Grant: £118,001
Centre member(s): Marie Griffiths, Aleksej Heinze
Research: Back office operations review and ERP solution refinement.
Dissemination:Ofoegbu,    AC, Griffiths, M and Heinze, A 2011, Themes and challenges for service management solutions in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) , in: UK Academy for Information Systems 16th Annual Conference 2011, 11 – 13th March 2011, Oriel College, Universityof    Oxford.  

Griffiths, M., Heinze, A. and Ofoegbu A. C. (2012). The real SAP Business One cost: a case study of ERP adoption in an SME. International Journal of Management Practice (IJMP), Forthcoming. Special Issue on: “Challenges and Issues of Technology Adoption in Small Businesses – Beyond the Rhetoric” Forthcoming.  

KTP: Creation of Online Interactive Tool for Point-of-sale Materials

Funding detail: KTP (TSB)
Duration: 2009-2011
Grant: £79,000
Centre member(s): Gordon Fletcher, Maria Kutar
Research: Develop the POS Store system – An online design and ordering systems for Point  ofSale materials.

Cetus Solutions Ltd

KTP: Cetus Solutions Ltd

Funding detail: KTP
Duration: 2009
Grant: £136,852
Centre member(s): Aleksej Heinze, Marie Griffiths
Research: Enterprise 2.0 – Customer Relationship Networking and impact on its use inbusiness.
Dissemination:Griffiths , M, Heinze, A, Light, B, Kiveal, P and Sethi, T 2010, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace: can Web 2.0 social networking sites nudge the boardroom – the evolution of CRN 2.0 research agenda? ,in: UK Academy  for Information Systems 15th Annual Conference 2010 “Information Systems: Past, Present and Looking to the Future” , 23rd – 24th March 2010, Oriel College, University of Oxford.