Centre for Digital Business

Do you know your wearables from your nearables? How could you use augmented reality or virtual reality  in your digital business? Are you up to date with jargon like CX (customer experience), growth hacking or responsive web design? Furthermore, how ready is your business for new emerging digital technologies?

But how do we value Digital business? It underpins startups, SMEs and global organisations. It is clear that it drives economic growth, creates jobs and even makes sure our shopping arrives on time!

Is your organisation ready to be the next big thing? Here, within our centre we know digital business is more than company websites. It is now about  transforming business models and data that will drive your organisation forward.

What does the Centre for Digital Business do?

Technological change challenges any business. Some do not have skilled people. Many are not equipped to complete in digital environments. Other may not actually feel need to change. Recently, the High Street has shown how even larger organisations fail. Big names like HMV, Kodak and Thomas Cook have failed to evolve business models and align organisational and IT strategies. This failure to acknowledge changing digital technologies means many big players have been caught out. So, what hope is there for independents, startups or SMEs?

Our award-winning centre provides support to the local business community and beyond. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, hosting of social media Boot-camps, running commercial one day courses or strategic research internships through our MSc students are ways we work with local and global business.

How can we help businesses become digital?

Our centre’s international research reputation focuses on supporting digital businesses through both national and international projects. Furthermore, our knowledge is also available through free online resources such as MOOCs, blog posts, case studies, conference papers and ultimately theĀ courses we offer within Salford Business School. Consequently, we believe we are transforming lives of individuals free of charge through a community for learning and enquiry that helps organisations transform operations and harness the power of digital business.

So email us now and find out how we can help. Or why not follow us on Twitter @DBcentresalford to find out even more?

The Team

Dr Marie Griffiths

Digital Technologies

Dr Gordon Fletcher

Digital Anthropology

Dr David Kreps

Philosophy of IS

Mr Kostas Chaldoupis

Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing

Dr Yun Chen

Digital Business

Mr Richard Dron

Enterprise & Innovation

Mr Alex Fenton

Sport & Digital Business

Miss Sophie Iredale

Digital Marketing

Dr Suzanne Kane

IT Management & Education

Ms Jenny Kanellopoulou

Digital & Media Industries

Dr Maria Kutar

Information Systems

Miss Jessica Muirhead

Information Systems & UX

Dr Mostafa Mohamad

IS & Mobile Computing

Dr Christos Papanagnou

Big Data, Supply Chain Mgt

Dr Yiannis Polychronakis

Supply Chain & Project Mgt

Mr Chris Procter

Project Management, Education

Dr Tahir Rashid

Digial & Islamic Marketing

Dr Peter Reeves

Political & Brand Marketing

Dr Stelios Sapountzis

Project Management


Dr Marie Griffiths, Dr Gordon Fletcher and Dr Aleksej Heinze

Telephone: +44 (0)161 295 4237
Email: sbs-digitalCentre@salford.ac.uk