Postgraduate Courses

MSc/PgDip/PgCert Public Health

On this course, you’ll receive instruction in core public health skills including epidemiology, statistics and research methods. As well as giving you the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of a range of topics; evidence-based public health; contemporary global public health issues, and work, health and wellbeing. The focus of the curriculum is on the social determinants of health (which makes it unique among the other Greater Manchester universities). This course aligns to the 9 key competencies of the UK Faculty of Public Health Curriculum. In this regard, the course will equip you with the core skills you’ll need to to effectively interpret and understand key areas of health research and how this can be used to inform and drive policy. You’ll also learn how to use this insight to inform and drive public health.

One of our strengths is the small class size (typically less than 30 students per year) which enables close liaison between students and the leading research staff who will be teaching and mentoring students.


PgCert Public Health (Block & Blend)

The block and blend teaching methods starts with academic staff from the University of Salford delivering a week’s intensive teaching in Salford per module. The face-to-face (Block) is followed by weekly online input (Blend) and study that builds towards your PG Certificate. Following the intensive week, there are live sessions online and work that you can schedule as it suits you and specialist support from academic staff as well as access to all the (online) facilities that the University of Salford has to offer. The PG Certificate is a qualification in its own right but can also be a building block towards an MSc in Public Health. Six months further study in the UK and successful completion of relevant modules mean that you can progress on to your dissertation leading to the award of MSc.

To read and hear about what it is like to study with us at postgraduate level from current and past students visit the ”what past students have said” page. If you are on titter, you can also connect with the SalfordPH team.