Dr. Greg Keenan

I am a lecturer in Psychology at the University of Salford. Prior to this role, I worked at the University of Liverpool for 3.5 years as a post-doctoral researcher and then lecturer. I was awarded a PhD in Biopsychology from the University of Bristol in 2015 and completed an MSc in Psychological Research methods at the University of Bristol in 2009.

Research interests

My research is focused on the psychobiology of human and animal food choice and intake. Current interests are:

  • Understanding why food insecurity (not knowing if you will have food to eat at your next meal) is associated with weight gain and obesity.
  • How humans and animals learn about certain foods. Humans are born with few food preferences but can make very detailed decisions about meals (e.g. when looking at a restaurant menu), indicating that most of these preferences and knowledge about the foods must be learnt through experience. Understanding the mechanisms behind this learning may help explain why individuals choose to consume certain foods and certain quantities. Animal models play a key role in developing this understanding.
  • Why and how might differences in sensitivity to internal bodily signals (interoception) influence food choice? It would seem logical that people who are sensitive to these signals will rely more on hunger and fullness to guide intake, relative to those who are less sensitive to these signals. However, this pattern of results is not always observed

Research output

See Greg’s publications on ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Greg_Keenan

You can find Greg on Twitter: @GregKeenan14