The Rehabilitation Technologies and Biomedical Engineering Group at Salford is a cross-school research initiative, jointly led by Professors David Howard (Computing, Science and Engineering) and Laurence Kenney (Health Sciences). We focus on the design and development of new upper and lower limb rehabilitation technologies aimed at assisting functional movement, together with novel methods for their evaluation. Our current research is supported by external grants worth around £1.5 million from NIHR and EPSRC. Among the highlights of the research are:

  • Controlled energy storage and return in prosthetic limbs to improve amputee gait.
  • A drop foot stimulator with automated setup (world first demonstration outside the laboratory).
  • Mathematical modelling and simulation of neuro-musculo-skeletal systems.
  • An instrumented walking frame to assess stability.
  • A flexible and easy to setup controller for upper limb functional electrical stimulation (FES).
  • Novel approaches to understanding user-assistive device interaction (with psychologists Galpin, Gowen and Bowen), focussing on upper limb prosthetics and FES systems.
  • Low cost tools to monitor assistive device use outside of the clinic (AARTBC Project).