Health & Safety

One key role for our technicians is ensuring that equipment is in good condition, and that it is used safely.

Here you’ll find links to risk assessments for the various equipment available in the department, as well as other important safety information. You should make sure you understand the relevant documents for any equipment you intend to use.

If you have any questions, you can contact, or book a meeting with one of our techs.


In addition to the guidance provided on this website please ensure you check current government and university-wide guidance.

Last updated 25/08/2020

Psychology Lab RA

Returning to research

Risk Assessments:

Axivity AX3 RA 2020.docx

Biopac fNIR 100 RA 2020.docx

Biopac MP36 GSR RA 2020.docx

Brainband RA 2020.docx

C803-C804 Observation Suite RA 2020.docx

Dikablis RA 2020.docx

Edu-logger Battery RA 2020.docx

Edu-logger GSR RA 2020.docx

Edu-logger USB module RA 2020.docx

EEG 2020 ra.docx

E-Prime RA 2020.docx

Finger-prick blood testing RA 2020.docx

HTC Vive RA 2020.docx

L811C&D Folding Wall RA 2020.docx

Leap motion RA 2020.docx

Lone working RA 2020.docx

Miro RA 2020.docx

Octave RA 2020.docx

Oculus Rift RA 2020.docx

Pupil Labs Eye tracking glasses RA 2020.docx

Tablet Computers RA 2020.docx

Tobii Pro Glasses 2 RA 2020.docx

Tobii X2-60 RA 2020.docx

Tobii X3-120 RA 2020.docx



HPL5 – Blood Sampling Policy

HPL8 – General Good Laboratory Practice Policy

Sharps and Needle-Stick Policy