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Testing, Testing, 1,2,3!

By Oct.05, 2014

Hello and welcome back!


Wow! maintaining an independent blog and finishing your final undergraduate year and working almost full-time, is, well simply put, difficult.


I write this now not as a humble undergraduate, but a fully fledged MSc student.

This blog will this year serve two main purposes, firstly a continued place to share thoughts and ideas and secondly as a vessel for reflexive writing as part of my dissertation. At this time I am thinking of undertaking a a mixed methods approach to my research and combining it with skills gained during my undergrad dissertation research- Autoethnography. I hope to use this blog in some way to look back on the research and see how the ideas and thoughts from it developed. These blogs will differ greatly from the usual clean post with some purpose and appear to many as total ramblings.

These blogs will share the title- My Reasearch and I, having for each post their own title.


I will finish now and vow to post every month till I hand in my MSc Dissertation. The first true post will be one of SUPS, Hannah’s and I’s attempts to bring Psychology to the Student Union.

Thankyou for reading,

Until next time,


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