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Petrus At Rochdale

6071f2_30b7673d583348c19c28f84a6f789738-mv2_d_3264_1824_s_2The Transformation

Others created allotments near to a health centre in a deprived area to support people who maybe traditionally socially excluded or those who suffer with substance misuse.
“we got the land and from the start, the way I kind of looked at things was it was a community garden, allotment, we wanted people to come and grow on there but we also wanted people to not be sort of isolated from just using it anyway as a space for them. So every group that we work with, we asked them what it is that they want to use the space for, so it might be with a nursery, so for children to come in and have somewhere to sit and read or have a picnic and things like that because we’re literally next door to them, you know. They just, some of them just wanted a bit of actual outdoor space because the other nursery across the road has. I think their garden’s like the size of two of these tables and it’s sheltered, in the shade and all just paved. And it’s got big metal railings on it and it that looks like a prison to stop the children escaping, you know. So it was a case of, you know, going after what people were actually saying they wanted. It wasn’t all about we want to just come and grow food”

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