Meet the team

Unit Leaders

Dr Lauren Owen
Twitter : @LaurenJ_Owen

Gemma Taylor
Twitter: @Gemma_Taylor1


Dr Sandra Sunram Lea

  • The role of glucose and glucose-regulation on brain function across the lifespan
  • Infant milk formulation

Dr Bernard Corfe

  • Impact of probiotics on health and cognition
  • Infant milk formulation

Alex Clarke Cornwall

  • The impact of early life antibiotics and later life mental health

Dr Amy Bidgood

  • Investigating the effects of coco polyphenols on cognitive function in children

Dr Greg Keenan

  • Food intake regulation

Dr Michael Lomas

David Tate

Sam Royle

Lynne Marrow

PhD students & Research Assistants

  • Sarah Steel (PhD student)
  • Andrea Stein PhD student)
  • Joanna Kolak (research assistant)
  • Claire Connolly (research assistant)
  • Hanna Mohiadin