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Week 4 – Write

We are now on the final element of the course which focuses on writing so well done for getting this far. You should now be feeling more confident in finding literature, critically reading it and planning your essay. However, don’t panic if not as it takes practice and you always have support when you are registered at a University.

Task 1 – Writing your essay

Now you have planned, searched and read, it's time to complete step four of our 5 steps to essay success which is all about the writing.

We have used hand hygiene as an example essay topic for this course. If we stick with that and incorporate what you have already planned, our essay title might be ‘How can healthcare professionals increase awareness of the importance of hand hygiene?’. You might include the following elements in each section of this essay:

Task 2 – Writing

  • Write a 300 word introduction to an essay. For this task you can use either our proposed essay title of ‘How can health care professionals increase awareness of the importance of hand hygiene?’ or an essay title of your choosing. 
  • Post your introduction onto the Facebook group.
  • Reflect on what you have learnt. What can you incorporate into your study practices to enable you to write more effectively? What else do you need to investigate to develop your skills further?

Top tips:

  • Remember to keep your essay question and initial plan or mindmap nearby so you can ensure you meet all the requirements of the task. If you have written an essay before on the same course look at the previous feedback and take on board what the tutor said to you. How can you improve?
  • Check out this great blog post on structuring an essay

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