This 5 week online study skills course started on Tuesday 1 August but you can still join us!

The course is aimed at midwives and nurses who intend to undertake some level 6 (degree) or level 7 (Masters) study starting in September 2017 (although this is not essential). This is a free course offered by Senior Lecturers and Librarians at the University of Salford and all we ask is that you study the course materials, participate in the activities and complete the evaluation form. It should take no more than 3 hours to complete each week’s activities. Week by week you will revise basic study skills from planning an essay to completing an academic piece of work. This will mean that you have some good foundations for your University studies. You will also have the benefit of becoming familiar with online learning and connecting with your peers through social media which is important for your support and overall success.

Is this course for me?

This short, online course is aimed at midwives but would be useful for any health care professionals preparing to return to study. If you are thinking about undertaking level 6 (degree) or level 7 (Masters) study at some time in the near future you will find the course informative and hopefully fun. As well as taking you through the processes of preparing for, and planning a well structured academic essay you will be introduced to using the internet to learn. Course materials are easily accessible and in a number of formats. You will communicate with the team and other students via a closed Facebook page and learn the importance of engaging online with other students.

So if you can use Facebook and have about 3 hours a week to spare for the next 5 weeks then this course is for you.

Course aims and objectives

If you complete the full online course, by the end you will be more confident in:

  • using online resources to support your learning
  • preparing and planning an academic essay
  • finding suitable evidence to inform your essay
  • critically reading a research paper
  • writing a good academic essay

How to register

Just complete the online registration form HERE and we will be in touch soon confirming your place on the course.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]