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Working with Marginalised Groups

13:00 – 16:30, Friday 4th November 2016

MediaCityUK, The University of Salford

This event, aimed at health and social care practitioners, focuses on a range of practical topics which broadly – but not typically – fall within the remit of ‘diversity’. The event will explore examples and experiences of ‘diversity’ and highlight a range of individuals and groups in UK society who experience exclusion or marginalisation differently. Hosted by experts, including academics and practitioners working in health and social care settings, this event contextualises diversity and exclusion using a range of theoretical perspectives. The event aim to highlight cross-disciplinary themes whilst removing the idea of professional silos: an ongoing challenge within health and social care professional practice. Speakers will present ‘real world’ examples through the use of case-studies and engage with current debates across the health and social care disciplines while highlighting contemporary practice issues and challenges. The event captures theoretical, legislative, policy and practice issues across a range of groups and each chapter includes topics for discussion for group work with students. Speakers will address diversity and exclusion along social divisions and how these cut across the life course (children and young people/adults) and considers how to practice in an inclusive way. The premise is that good practice is inclusive practice within the contexts of legislation, professional codes of practice and equality and diversity.

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