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Greater Manchester Flooding: The social housing perspective

13:00 – 16:30, 29th February 2016

In partnership with the Sustainable Housing & Urban Studies Unit at the University of Salford, MRC Salford are jointly hosting a workshop on Greater Manchester Flooding: The social housing perspective.

The recent devastating floods across Greater Manchester have highlighted gaps in the national flood risk policy in protecting some of our most vulnerable groups. It has also highlighted the role a range of organisations play in times of crisis. Hundreds of housing association homes were left devastated by floods across the region, with the Environment Agency admitting there needs to be a ‘complete rethink’ of the UK’s flood defences.

This roundtable event will examine the recent experience of flooding in the social housing sector and the challenges faced during times of increasing austerity. We will discuss how well protected the most vulnerable are from the impacts of extreme weather, and how equipped the social housing sector is in responding to flooding and flood risk under increasing financial pressures.

Does the social housing sector need a stronger voice in this debate, and more influence in allocation of resources and investment in flood defences? How do social and economic disadvantage affect people’s resilience to cope with crisis such as flooding?

We will also explore how successful climate change adaptations have been in the sector, and how successful were emergency planning processes in the recent December floods. Are housing associations considering climate change adaptation in asset management, and does the Government need to do more to support this?

Representatives of the social housing sector across Greater Manchester are invited to participate in this event and share experiences and views.

UPDATE: The presentations from the event are now available to view below and download from our SlideShare account.