Members of the Energy House 2.0 project, which is part of the Energy House Laboratories at the University of Salford, are:

Professor William Swan
Director, Energy House Laboratories

Dr Richard Fitton
Research Lead: Energy House Laboratories

Joe Flanagan
Energy House 2.0 Project Manager

Gary Bateman
Business Development Manager

Majeed Oladokun, Energy House 2.0

Dr Majeed Oladokun
Research Fellow, Energy House 2.0

Dr Ioannis Paraskevas
Research Fellow, Smart Meters>Smart Homes Lab

Nigel Blandford, Energy House 2.0

Nigel Blandford
Research Assistant, Energy House 2.0

Dr Tony Simpson
Head of Thermal Laboratory

Ian Rattigan
Quality Manager Thermal Laboratory

Charlotte Houghton
Energy House 2.0 Project Administrator