Our Staff

Please find below details of our Associates, including academic staff, postdoctoral fellows, and PhD researchers. These profile links complement the extended profiles on the University of Salford main website. Here, you can find links to staff social media accounts on Google Scholar, Research Gate, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Academic Staff

  • Professor Chuxia Lin
    Professor Chuxia LinEnvironmental Science
  • Professor Richard Birtles
    Professor Richard BirtlesBiomedicine
  • Dr Patricia Ragazzon
    Dr Patricia RagazzonBiochemistry
  • Dr Christoph Meyer
    Dr Christoph MeyerGlobal Ecology & Conservation
  • Dr Denise Thomasson
    Dr Denise ThomassonBiological Science
  • Dr Sarah Withers
    Dr Sarah WithersBiomedicine
  • Dr Priya Mondal
    Dr Priya MondalEnvironmental Health
  • Dr Steven Rossington
    Dr Steven RossingtonOrganic Chemistry
  • Dr Richard Armitage
    Dr Richard Armitage
  • Professor Stefano Mariani
    Professor Stefano MarianiConservation Genetics
  • Dr Allan McDevitt
    Dr Allan McDevittGlobal Ecology and Conservation
  • Dr Ian Podmore
    Dr Ian PodmoreAnalytical Bioscience
  • Dr Ian Goodhead
    Dr Ian GoodheadInfectious Diseases
  • Dr Niroshini Nirmalan
    Dr Niroshini NirmalanBiomedical Science
  • Professor Stephen Martin
    Professor Stephen MartinSocial Entomology
  • Professor Luciano Mutti
    Professor Luciano MuttiRespiratory Medicine
  • Dr David Pye
    Dr David PyeBiomedical Science
  • Professor Philip James
    Professor Philip JamesEcology
  • Professor Mark Danson
    Professor Mark DansonEnvironmental Remote Sensing
  • Professor Judith Smith
    Professor Judith SmithParasitology
  • Dr Owen Wangensteen
    Dr Owen WangensteenMarine Molecular Ecology
  • Dr Paul Rees
    Dr Paul ReesWildlife
  • Dr Lucy Smyth
    Dr Lucy SmythHuman Physiology
  • Dr Gemma Lace-Costigan
    Dr Gemma Lace-CostiganBiomedical Science
  • Dr David Greensmith
    Dr David GreensmithBiomedical Science
  • Dr Rachael Antwis
    Dr Rachael AntwisGlobal Ecology and Conservation
  • Professor Andy Miah
    Professor Andy MiahScience Communication and Future Media
  • Dr Natalie Ferry
    Dr Natalie FerryBiotechnology
  • Professor Geoff Hide
    Professor Geoff HideParasitology
  • Dr Robin Beck
    Dr Robin BeckBiology
  • Professor Emeritus Roger Bisby
    Professor Emeritus Roger BisbyBiochemistry
  • Dr Mags Adams
    Dr Mags AdamsHuman Geography
  • Dr Mike Hardman
    Dr Mike HardmanGeography and Environmental Management
  • Professor Howard Foster
    Professor Howard FosterMicrobiology
  • Professor Emeritus Alan McGown
    Professor Emeritus Alan McGownMolecular Drug Design
  • Dr Steven Todd
    Dr Steven ToddBuilding Pathology
  • Dr Andrew Clark
    Dr Andrew ClarkEnvironmental Assessment & Management
  • Dr Ida Jackson
    Dr Ida JacksonMolecular Ecology
  • Dr Neil Entwistle
    Dr Neil EntwistleFluvial Geomorphology
  • Prof Marija Krstic-Demonacos
    Prof Marija Krstic-DemonacosMolecular Medicine
  • Dr John Hadfield
    Dr John HadfieldMedicinal Chemistry
  • Dr Caroline Topham
    Dr Caroline TophamBiomedical Sciences
  • Dr Mike Wood
    Dr Mike WoodEnvironmental Management
  • Dr Chiara Benvenuto
    Dr Chiara BenvenutoZoology
  • Dr Darren Brooks
    Dr Darren BrooksMolecular Parasitology
  • Dr Kevin Bown
    Dr Kevin BownBiology
  • Dr Rhoderick Elder
    Dr Rhoderick ElderMolecular Bioscience
  • Dr Alexander Mastin
    Dr Alexander MastinEpidemiology
  • Dr Stephen Parnell
    Dr Stephen ParnellSpatial Epidemiology
  • Professor Emeritus Phil Craig
    Professor Emeritus Phil CraigBiology
  • Dr Robert Jehle
    Dr Robert JehlePopulation Biology
  • Dr Athar Aziz
    Dr Athar AzizBiomedical Science
  • Dr James Wilkinson
    Dr James WilkinsonOrganic Chemistry
  • Professor Michael Rogan
    Professor Michael RoganZoology
  • Dr Jeremy Allen
    Dr Jeremy AllenBiomedical Science
  • Dr Sean O’Hara
    Dr Sean O’HaraWildlife Cognition and Behaviour
  • Professor David Collins
    Professor David CollinsPhysical Geography
  • Professor Robert J. Young
    Professor Robert J. YoungWildlife Conservation
  • Dr Chloe James
    Dr Chloe JamesMedical Microbiology
  • Dr Rachel Brenchley
    Dr Rachel BrenchleyGenomics and Bioinformatics
  • Dr Alexandre de Menezes
    Dr Alexandre de MenezesMolecular Biology
  • Dr Simon Hutchinson
    Dr Simon HutchinsonPalaeolimnology
  • Dr Jean Boubli
    Dr Jean BoubliAnimal Ecology
  • Professor Emeritus Richard Knowles
    Professor Emeritus Richard KnowlesHuman Geography