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MARINE biologists at the University of Salford are to unveil new ways of measuring biodiversity in the world’s oceans in an exhibition at Manchester Airport.

They are to take part in Into The Blue – a public science project showcasing millions of pounds worth of cutting-edge research funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

The University of Salford is part of a £1.25m research project into how genomics can help us chart populations of species from sharks and whales to tiny plankton, which is run by Professor Stefano Mariani,

Called SeaDNA it draws on advances in DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, remote underwater sampling and ecological modelling and could hold the key to managing the future health of marine animals.

Go fishing!

Visitors to Into the Blue will have the opportunity to learn about DNA-metabarcoding, a new approach combining ecology, genetics and data to shed light on what’s living in the sea.

They can also they can have a try at “fishing” samples of simulated marine life to instantly work out which species are living in the ecosystems.

Around 40 of Britain’s top environmental research projects are on show at the Runway Visitors Park, Manchester Airport from Tuesday, October 25 – Saturday October 29 as part of Manchester Science Festival, sponsored by The University of Salford.

Visitors can explore a working research aeroplane and talk to scientists about how they measure and monitor the environment.  The exhibits are themed into four areas:  water, air, energy and health.

Exhibits are suitable for adults and families 5+ and open from 9am – 4.30pm. Free. Booking required.

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