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Greater Manchester Police CTZN Project

ctzn 4 young people banner

CTZN is a partnership project funded by the Home Office Innovation Fund, led by Greater Manchester Police and independently evaluated by the University of Salford. 

The project offers a range of innovative interventions that aim to prevent and protect children and young people from becoming involved in child sexual exploitation (CSE).

At the heart of the project is CTZN; a new mobile-based, digital platform @GetCtzn developed by Gencia that provides a positive, safe social network created by and for young people. CTZN offers a real and measurable way to build trust with young people whilst capturing their feedback and recognising and rewarding their positive contributions. ctzn phone

The CTZN digital platform is central to the project’s direct engagement work with young people; a schools-based programme of positive groundbreaking interventions that utilise the CTZN platform to offer insight, dispel myths and promote social norms and positive messages. The interventions create an innovative opportunity to empower young people to learn and have their voices heard in a safe environment whilst providing an invaluable evidence-base of perceptions and attitudes.

There are a number of ways your school can get involved in CTZN. All interventions are free however some are limited to target areas. For more information on any of the activities on offer, please contact the partner directly:



Teacher training – for all schools

Real Love Rocks is a healthy relationships and child sexual exploitation team, based within the children’s charity Barnardo’s.

The Real Love Rocks resource comes in two age appropriate editions – primary and secondary – and features a variety of games, animations, puzzles and quizzes to allow children and young people a chance to think and chat about healthy relationships, consent, keeping safe online, pornography, sexting and grooming. Do have a look at this animation for more information:

As part of the CTZN project, we are offering free ‘train the trainer’ sessions for one teaching professional from every school in Greater Manchester. Each participating school will also receive the age appropriate teaching resources for their school. Please contact your local school advisor to book your place.




Social norms survey – for all schools

The Schools Health Education Unit (SHEU) are experts in survey work and are offering all Greater Manchester schools the opportunity to invite their Year 10 students to complete a short online social norms survey about CSE and personal safety. SHEU staff will agree a date to run the initial survey and a follow up survey a few months later to gauge any change in pupils’ behaviours and understanding. Your school will receive a confidential report of your results; you will be able to see your school’s findings compared with those from the whole of Greater Manchester.


David Regis T:  01392 66 72 72



Interactive days

Enthusiasm Trust will be delivering an interactive day of intervention for Year 10’s to a limited number of schools that have participated in the SHEU social norms survey. The day will consist of a live performance at assembly, followed by class-based sessions where pupils will use the CTZN platform to explore the survey findings along with a short interactive workshop around personal safety. Enthusiasm come with plenty of prizes to reward pupils for their positive contributions and will also provide outreach sessions during school breaks with a final prize draw at the end of the day.



Caleb Jackson   M: 07873 555648   T: 01332 362479

Chantelle Gilchrist M: 07538 679886  T: 01332 362479



Enterprise sessions

The LionHeart Challenge is a nationwide business, enterprise and citizenship programme that has now been delivered to over 319,260 pupils across the UK. LionHeart delivers on the recommendations of Ofsted, developing pupils’ skills in financial education, numeracy, literacy, science, technology, engineering, maths and creative thinking, whilst developing a wide range of employability and life skills. The programme nurtures students of all backgrounds and abilities, developing in them the skills, knowledge and confidence they will need to become effective employees and proactive and responsible young citizens.



Jane Longworth   E:     T:  0141 221 7000