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Welcome to our Events

We are delighted to welcome you to a range of events that aim to extend our understanding of child sexual abuse and subsequent implications for practice.

You will find listed a range of events hosted here at the University or where our team members are presenting at external dissemination conferences.

The University of Salford is delighted to be a member of the Making Research Count (MRC) initiative. MRC is a national collaborative research dissemination network, currently involving ten universities throughout England, each of which links with social work and social care agencies in their respective regional localities.

MRC brings together academics, practitioners, carers and users in the social care field to facilitate the dissemination of research. Making Research Count at the University of Salford brings together the best of practitioner expertise, research knowledge and service user experience to promote knowledge sharing through an ongoing programme of conferences, seminars and workshops. The University of Salford is the regional hub for Making Research Count in Greater Manchester.

If you would like to attend an event, discuss the potential to convene an event or talk to us about undertaking some research please contact us via