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Waiting for references.

By Jul.03, 2013

What a pain! I think I’ve been waiting for a reference from my previous job for about a month now, and it still isn’t back! Finally got the employment team for the hospital to get one from my dissertation supervisor, but now my new manager has apparently said that doesn’t have enough attendance information on it.

I just want to start! The only good news I’ve had from them so far this week is that as I did a corporate induction in order to start my volunteering job, I don’t need to do another one for my paid job!

I’m going in to be an honorary AP this week again, I haven’t been in around two weeks, after the one day I did, as the timing just wasn’t really right.

This week my supervisor will be in, and she will be in every Friday from now on, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and having a bit more guidance available!

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