Dr Bruno Fazenda

Dr. Bruno Fazenda

I am a Senior Lecturer in Audio Technology at the University of Salford.  I graduated in 2004 with a PhD in Room Acoustics and Psychoacoustics from the University of Salford.  After that I was a Research Fellow with a Marie Curie research fellowship at the Danish Technical University, and have since been lecturing in the UK since 2005.

My research focuses on the perceived quality of sound reproduction in critical listening spaces which includes perceptual testing methodologies, novel room acoustic measurement and characterisation techniques, analytical and numerical modelling of rooms and binaural models of hearing.  More recently I have been researching into aspects of sound perception at cognitive and emotional processing levels.  My work is cited in specialist books and scientific publications, which inform modern design of critical listening environments.

I am a co-investigator in a 3 year EPSRC funded project (2012-2015) on sound quality of user-generated content, looking at the measurement of sound quality on a perceptual level and designing algorithms to predict it. Before this, I successfully managed research projects from the Royal Society and industrial partners.

I am also part of a cross-disciplinary EPSRC funded network, focusing on Acoustics and Music of British Pre-history.  My work on the acoustics of Stonehenge, has been reported in an article in the New Scientist, presented in a TV programme on The History Channel and featured on news and information sites, such as the BBC and The Guardian.


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