Dr Jonathan Hargreaves represents Salford at EU research workshop in Freising

By Sep.04, 2015

MHiVec project logoMHiVec is an EU FP7 IAPP project which is applying a new modelling method called Dynamic Energy Analysis (DEA) to structural and acoustic modelling of vehicle NVH at mid-to-high frequencies. This method works by transferring distributions of directional wave energy between elements of a discretised mesh of a sub-system boundary, be that an acoustic cavity or a structural element (e.g. a metal plate) and then solving for the steady-state intensities. It therefore has much in common with some late-time acoustic reverberation models and SEA but, like SEA, can be applied to a wider class of vibrating systems.

The MHiVec team organised a workshop in Freising, Germany, at the start of September 2015. Dr Jonathan Hargreaves from the ARC was an invited speaker and gave a talk on synergies between BEM and beam-tracing methods. In return, we are lucky to have MHiVec PI Dr David Chappell from NTU attending and presenting at the computational acoustics and auralisation workshop we are organising in collaboration with Arup on the 22nd and 23rd September, where he will speak on the application of DEA to room acoustics in 3D.

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