Strong ARC presence at ICSV22

By Jul.02, 2015

ICSV_headerThe Acoustics Research Centre will have a strong presence at the International Conference on Sound and Vibration this year with 8 researchers attending to present 8 papers and chair 1 structured session:

  • Dr. Jonathan Hargreaves will present “A high-frequency BEM for 3D acoustic scattering” and “Acoustic cross-energy measures and their applications”.
  • Darius Satongar will present “The acuity of colouration perception using non-individualised dynamic binaural synthesis”
  • Dr. Phil Duncan will present “Audio information extraction from arbitrary sound recordings”
  • Dr. Francis Li will present “Headphone audio rendering – philosophies, challenges and an interim signal processing solution”
  • Prof. David Waddington will present “CARGOVIBES: human response to vibration due to freight rail traffic”
  • Dr. Gennaro Sica will present “Planning ground investigation studies to identify ground-borne sound and vibration parameters for high speed railways”
  • Dr Ian Drumm will present “Workflow automations and optimisations to facilitate room acoustic prediction within multimodal virtual environments”
  • Prof. Yiu Lam will chair a structured session on “Analysis, Perception and Render of 3D Spatial Sound”

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