Teaching & Learning Drop-In

Every Wednesday 09:30-10:30, Mary Seacole Room 192

Want to get ahead of the game with your teaching? We can talk about anything you like from using social media in teaching to more effective assessment methods for your subject.

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Don’t get left behind with the TEF on the horizon. Develop your teaching practice today…

Teaching & Learning Coaching Service

Want to get ahead of the game with your development as a teaching academic? Coaching is a proven way to help you solve your problems and achieve your full potential. Benefits of coaching include clarity of direction, improved performance and increased control over your career (Griffiths, 2004). To find out more about how coaching works and to access this service email or talk to Dr Emma Gillaspy.

Teaching Specialist Mentoring Service

Want to learn how to use a new technology or pedagogical approach for your teaching (examples could include classroom quizzes, audio feedback, flipped classroom, team teaching, simulation, Ketso, Lego to name a few)? We can match you with a mentor who can help you develop skills in your area of choice. To access this service email or talk to Dr Emma Gillaspy.

ACE Events Archive

ACE host regular CPD events and training to help develop teaching practice and provide a fulfilling learning environment for staff and students alike. We welcome thoughts on what events we should schedule for the academic year. Please email us with your ideas and we will do our best to host the training. Previous events have included:

19 July 2017 10:00-12:00 Using Wakelet to curate learning Complete
13 April 2017 12:00-14:00 Lifewide Learning Special Complete
1 February 2017 13:30-16:00 School Teaching & Learning Showcase

(including use of paints within teaching; Lego, the future; Using Ketso for assignment planning; Developing self-awareness through cubes; Using play to engage with research methods; Using audio visual tools in feedback and personalising the student experience; Using Playdoh to reflect on leadership skills; Simulating wounds and burns; Using quizzes in your teaching; Empowering communities for positive health changes)

6 July 2016 13:00-16:00 Small group teaching: Using coaching conversations to empower students Complete
8 June 2016 13:00-16:00 Engaging students in their learning using Twitter Complete
4 May 2016 12:00-16:00 Innovations in assessment: Social media as a professional medium Complete
7 April 2016 Full Day Stop motion animation workshop Complete
2 March 2016 13:30-16:30 Ketso – a hands-on kit for engaged learning Complete

Other events of interest: