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Developing my first animated video – 8 steps to academic success

A post by Anna Sherliker @AnnaSherliker

I recently created my first animated video using Powtoon so I thought I'd share my experience and final product

The video has been received very well by the team and the new group of long course student midwives, which I showed during Induction week.

It took me much longer than expected with a bit of trial and error, and was not aware of 'premium content' on the free sites like powtoon, although I did know there would be a catch somewhere. However once I had completed the video animation by myself I felt very proud of my achievement, learning how to slow sections down by adding seconds so that all the animations didn't start at once. I actually found using powtoon easy (more than Moovly - but I probably need to practice more). Incorporating into Blackboard meant I also had to become proficient in screen casting and using Medial, the University of Salford media server.

Although time consuming I feel much more confident with the online resources and have since made 1 more animation and 3 videos.

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