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Day 1 Connecting – BYOD4L

Well folks we are into day 1 of the Bring Your Own Devices 4 Learning open course and today the theme is about connecting. Each day I will post some information using the ‘Start with why‘ golden circle from Simon Sinek to help you engage with your students and develop yourselves as digitally savvy teachers. There is a useful mapping of the BYOD4L course to the UK PSF here so feel free to use it to reflect on your development. Please ask questions, share your ideas, tips and experiences in the comments below, via Twitter #BYOD4L or via the Google+ community.

Getting started

  1. Follow the activities here
  2. Join the BYOD4L Google+ community
  3. Take part in the #BYOD4Lchat each evening at 8pm if you can


Connecting with your students is a vital step in engaging them with your programme(s). This short video from successful programme leaders at Salford demonstrates how important connection is and how connection can result in positive NSS scores. In today’s world we have the ability to connect with people we may never meet in person and develop mutually beneficial relationships. We can bring our contacts into the classroom, connect our students with them and in return we can learn from the connections our students bring.


Here are three links to get you started:

How do you connect with your students at the moment and what value does it bring?


Tlittlemisshelpfulhe most common questions I get asked are: What if I’ve got nothing interesting to say? and Why would anyone want to connect with me? My view is that if you are sharing using a stance of generosity (think Little Miss Helpful) then your connections and conversations will be meaningful and engaging. If you come across a resource (article, video, blog) that you find interesting, share it with your network and I’m sure they will find it interesting too. Ask questions, challenge or give feedback to the people in your network to keep the conversation going. Participation in the network is where the magic happens so dive in and have a go!

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