Engagement and Research (EAR) Day at Salford University

Want to help shape the next generation of television audio?

At the University of Salford we are designing the next generation of television sound and we want your help to make sure it meets the needs of hard of hearing and older listeners.

Due to popular demand, we are running another ‘Engagement and Research (EAR)’ Day at the University of Salford. We are inviting excited and interested people like you to spend a day at the University of Salford to try prototypes of our new technology, give feedback, share your experiences and take part in ongoing research. You will get the opportunity to meet researchers, ask questions and have a tour around our facilities, including one of the quietest places on earth!

If you are interested, please contact Lauren Ward at L.Ward7@edu.salford.ac.uk or call on 07597727688 to reserve a place, as spots are limited.

Summary of Details

Time: 9am to 3pm
Dates: 5th Nov
Location: University of Salford, Peel Park Campus, 3 Crescent, Salford M5 4WT
Requirements: For research purposes, participants in the event will need to identify as:

  • either over 50 years old or having mild-moderate hearing loss.
  • speak English as their first language

Other information: We are able to reimburse participants up to £20 for travel and lunch will be provided.

Contact Lauren Ward at L.Ward7@edu.salford.ac.uk or call on 07597727688

This event is supported by the Institute of Acoustics and being conducted in collaboration with the S3A Project.